OBC Talent Search functions predominantly in the aviation personnel having realised the need to specifically focus on this highly specialised sector. Understanding the regulatory framework of the aviation industry empowers us to correctly match the competencies required in a portfolio with the most ideal candidates.

OBC Talent Search has built up a credible database of top notch employers representing blue chip aviation organizations both locally and outside our borders. Our contacts and associates in the aviation industry place us in a position of advantage in expeditiously matching appropriately suitable candidates with the industry openings.

OBC Talent Search is headed by Mr. Obert Chakarisa, who serves as its Managing Director and has over 25 years of aviation experience. His areas of expertise covers both the regulatory, public and private aviation industry sectors. Mr. Chakarisa is a leading aviator on the African Continent and his vast expertise in this sector provides the necessary edge for OBC talent Search over its competitors.

OBC Talent Search remains one of just a few of recruitment agencies that are focused on serving the aviation industry on the African Continent. Our through assessment and selection criteria ensures that only the cream in the industry is presented as candidates to our clients, in the process resulting in high success rates in our placements.